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Guidelines for becoming a new writer:

  • If your articles have a word count of 1000 words; that’s great. Anyway, we publish shorter articles (600 words minimum,) if the article is unique and informative.
  • Do not title your file as “submission.docx” when submitting to us. Make sure the title of your article is the document’s name.
  • You need to include 3 headings per article.
  • The file types that we accept are .doc, .docs, .pdf only.
  • The image formats that we accept are PNG and JPG only.
  • Articles that have already posted on another blog won’t get posted on our blog. So, you should only send us new content, which is 100% free from plagiarism. Our expert editorial team can detect any duplicate content, and we will not contact you ever again after detecting any plagiarism in your content.
  • Since our blog is viewed by the minors; we don’t post any articles of adult-nature and obscene that can hurt them.
  • For making your article a better one, we might change your wordings and edit it further.
  • You can include an Outbound Link with sufficient referencing, and the maximum limit allowed is one. Anyway, you can request permission from us to include another link; we will consider your request.
  • We value our audience and giving them the best reading experience is our main aim. So, we kindly request you to avoid robotic pitches and spammy articles.

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  • Our editorial team will review your first draft. Sometimes, our team will tell you to make the necessary changes again. So, this process will continue until the editorial team is satisfied with your article’s quality.
  • Once the article met all the requirements; it will go live on our blog, and you will be informed about it via an acknowledgment E-mail.

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